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How this Benefits you

Schooling Your Horses

Busy Lifestyles

Every major yard can really benefit from having a horse walker to exercise their horses. Clients often have very busy lifestyles and may not have the time to ride every day. It can be very expensive to get someone else to school their horse(s). There are numerous benefits of using a horse walker in a yard. 


Regular Exercise

Several horses can be exercised simultaneously at a controlled pace for optimum performance and efficiency. Regular daily exercise is essential for competition horses to ensure no injuries and also the general well being of horses. When rehabilitating a horse after injury it is very important to follow a controlled exercise routine. This can be very time consuming and boring for riders.

What people are saying

Rogan Asken

“Northlands Stables couldn’t do without our ‘Korber’ walker or their service and support – The equine walker is an addition to most top competition yards in SA in the recent past. The walker definitely enhances soundness and helps to reduce colic incidents. Ideal for loosening horses before work, as well as stretching, relaxing and cooling horses after work or competition.”

Graham Winn

“Sceptical to start I have to admit I now can’t do without my walker, not only from a fitness and health perspective, but it is brilliant in helping me back and produce horses which is a big part of my business.”

Dominey Alexander

“I have found that the horses have muscled and toned up really well, they are looser when they start to work and I find that it keeps them calmer. I think for them to walk consistently also helps with their soundness.”
More than just a walker


Locally manufactured, custom-made equine walkers for all horse owners and breeders. A uniquely beneficial tool to exercise several horses simultaneously.


Increase blood circulation, therefore avoid and/or reduce swelling, especially in the legs.
Decreases stiffness after a long weekend of shows.


Excellent for warming up before riding and cooling down afterwards. Decrease risk of colic because the horse is kept moving. Fitness and conditioning of horses.



Preparation for competitions.
Strengthening of the muscles.
Well being and prevention of injuries.


Rehabilitation of injuries.
Horse body toning.
Improves behavior of horses.

how it all works


The walker consists of the “Arms” system which is made with articulated arms and partitions mounted on hinges of each arm. The unit itself is suitable for 4, 6 or 8 horses in a 18m or 20m circle. The arms circle at a height of approximately 2.40 m. This creates an open interior space that guarantees maximum safety. The speed is adjustable from slow walking up to trotting and the direction also changes according to the time setting.


horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care.

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